Treat yourself to an enriching and nourishing Vivacité Facial Treatment, leaving you feeling refreshed and luminous. Our treatments have been carefully designed to deliver results by our highly qualified Medical Aestheticians, who are experts in skin conditions and treatment programs to help you look and feel your best. All of our facial treatments are designed for men and women and are customized for your specific skin conditions. Our experienced Aestheticians will analyze your skin and select appropriate active ingredients and cosmeceuticals. When the skin performs in perfect harmony, the result is a beautiful, glowing, healthy skin surface or complexion. Over the years, we begin to see changes in our skin such as deterioration due to age, sun damage, bacterial infection, or simply loss of natural moisture. Facial treatments are meant to assist in restoring balance and beauty.


Regular skin care treatments will keep your skin looking its very best. Individuals can generate skin problems by doing the wrong things or using the wrong products. A qualified and experienced Medical Aesthetician will carefully analyze your skin and recommend the best possible skin care regime for your skin type. The right products and services will ensure against problems in the future.

  • Increases collagen production
  • Improves muscle tone through massage
  • Helps eliminate puffiness by boosting skins metabolism
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation therefore helping the removal of toxins and impurities
  • Moisture is added to the skin
  • Specialized facial treatments support the correction of specific skin conditions and act as a preventative measure against premature skin aging.
  • Reduces stress visible on the face
  • Promotes overall health and well being
ESSENTIAL FACIAL 30 minutes | $45.99

Not quite sure what you need to treat the concerns you have? This Essential facial is a great educational tool for those interested in learning more about their skin, home care tips, as well as a nice introduction to our skincare line.

SIGNATURE FACIAL 45 minutes | $65.99

This relaxing, deep cleansing facial covers all of your skin necessities. Our Signature Facial is tailored to your individual skin conditions, while addressing sought-after skincare needs and overall well being to enhance the texture and tone of your skin for a glowing complexion. Massage of the face, neck and shoulders make these therapeutic treatments relaxing as well.


This treatment is the first level in our advanced facial line. Following a thorough examination of your skin, our specialist will prescribe a custom facial designed to address the specific needs of your skin. Our Advanced Facials can address problematic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, signs of aging, as well as uneven skin tone and dark spots while improving skin quality for a brighter, more luminous complexion. High frequency technology is used by estheticians to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite, decongest puffy eyes, improve dark eye circles, stimulates cell renewal, oxygenates skin cells and assists with improved skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming the tissues of the skin. This method allows for deeper product penetration of products by up to 80%. This significantly increasing the benefits and productivity of essential Vitamins A, C and E, as well as protein peptides used in this facial treatment.


Our premium facial is pure luxury and the most effective in our facial lineup. Recommended for all skin types! This facial includes all the benefits of the Level One Advanced Vitamin Infusion Facial (see above) with added infusion time for even better product penetration, as well as a mild acid enzyme facial peel, rejuvenating collagen eye treatment as well as skin specific alginate peel off mask. We have included head to toe pampering, starting at the scalp all the way down to your toes…with everything in between!

24K GOLD FACIAL 60 minutes | $139.99

Sit back and enjoy a lavish 24K Gold Facial treatment designed to your individual skin’s needs. Consult with our aesthetician to create the most effective facial for your skin type. Choose to target dry skin, premature aging, or uneven skin tone.

STEM YOUTH AGE DEFYING FACIAL 60 minutes | $129.99

Bring back your youthful glow with Vivacités Stem Youth Age Defying Facial. This facial helps to rejuvenate your face by replacing skin cells that are damaged with new, age defying cells, that bring out your natural youthful glow. Book your complimentary consultation to discuss your skin care concerns.

* Ask us about our facial add-ons/upgrades.